Why You Should Become A Photographer

I became acquainted to photography only a little while ago. My friends had recently taken up this new hobby and went on and on about how great it is asking me to give it a try. I was a bit reluctant at first because the truth is I had never given it any thought. To my surprise, my friends did not own the type of basic digital camera you are used to seeing everywhere. They had very large, high-tech devices with long noses, equipped with high resolution lenses which had a such a high zooming capability that one may have mistaken them to some paparazzi. 

One of them had taken up photography lessons and had influenced all of the others to buying this sort of cameras. When he first came holding that huge camera around his neck we were all very curios to discover all the features it had. This was the first step to discovering the beauty of photography. We had no idea then that mere curiosity will take us ti a totally new world that we would have never discover otherwise. 

Then we started to practice, taking a few pictures every now and then and learning how to use the various features of the camera. We began to practice on how to focus effectively without cutting out on balance and then moved to zooming. My first shots were not all that great, but after a few days of practicing and more practicing | started to see some progress. For one week I used the SLR of one of my friends. When I started to really enjoy it, I decided to buy my own camera. My friends told me that was their plan all along. If I knew it back then I would have probably been mad, but now I was thankful for making me discover photography. 

After practicing for a week or so, we decided we could start our journey to becoming real photographers. We began with portrait photography and then decided to move on to landscape pictures. We went out on a trip just to improve our skills. The destination we chose was supposed to be a great target for photography as it featured beautiful forests, a great atmosphere and plenty of wildlife. When we got there we were more than impressed - it was really breathtaking. We couldn't have asked for a more suitable place for taking photos. Then I really felt something different for the first time in my life.

Something that cannot be explained in words. It just felt and it was amazing. Photography can teach you to appreciate things in a totally different way, regardless of how small or big they are. You see the beauty in every detail an then how all of these little things complete each other to make a whole - and this offers you a completely new vision. I now think everyone should try photography at least once. Even if only because it gives you the opportunity to see more beauty in the world - and the feeling is incredible.

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