Homemade Beauty Products For Skin And Hair Care

The world of fashion and beauty is gung-ho over the word "au natural". There is a rising concern over chemicals in beauty products causing multiple health hazards. The consumers of the billion-dollar worldwide cosmetic industry are keenly exploring alternatives. The past decade, in particular, has been one with continuous developments and focus on launching products that contain an increasing percentage of natural ingredients. Having said that, it's a fact that even products that tom-tom the star ingredient, such as a "natural aloe-vera extract" are only ever able to maintain an inclusion of not more than one percent of real natural ingredients. 

The more the natural ingredients being used in a product, the pricier it tends to be. A simpler way to continue looking your best without shelling out big bucks for a product line that is finally still going to contain an unhealthy dose of chemicals is to make your own beauty aids, sourced from your kitchen! 

Here are a few basic reasons why you would be genuinely at an advantage in creating your homemade recipes: 

Listed below are a few helpful go-to ingredients for your everyday beauty needs:

By no means is this list exhaustive. Eggs, milk, cornstarch, garden herbs, berries and even your beloved tea- everything can lend a helping hand to your recipe! So go ahead, make your own unique face mask.

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