Gelish Gel Polish for That Gel Look

The most common problems that are being faced by most of the women in the world is none other than torn-out nails. These are said to be found in most of the women. Since, this can be considered to be a disease but in fact this is the roots of many diseases. We will talk about the health factor for a while. Let us get straight into the Gelish gel polish. These nail polishes look like gel coating when applied properly. 

Now, health factors first. Most of the women suffer from torn-out nail issue this nothing but damaged nail tip which gets inferior and inferior if not taken proper care before it is too late. Especially women doing the household works related to water get affected. This is because the water gets soaked in the nails and the salts in the nail or the chemical composition of the water disturb the nail structure and feature. They lose the moisture and eventually die. 

Now, there are some more dangerous factors these torn-out nails can give. This is the effect of worm on the body. When most of the time we are in the pool or in the marshy fields our nails get soaked and the lots of or we say that many harmful hookworm and many kinds of parasites travel through these 3 portion of the body. They actually cling to the inner space that is present just below the nail. Then they travel to the vital organs of the body. 

Now, comes the other part of the torn-out nails and that are decayed nails. This is happens when most of the time the nails actually get exposed to different kind of solvents. They can be water based, oil based or petroleum based. Once, these are exposed for extended period of time; the nails get decay. Most of the nail decaying is common in central Asian countries. As most of the women works in the field and the field is often field or thrown by the fertilizers. 

Now, it's enough gelish gel polish are the best things to avoid all kind of above mentioned nail problems. The gel like liquid of the nail polish is very thick and durable. This prevents your nail from getting directly contact with water makes your mail mile away from turning out and decaying. This nail polish not only makes your nails very robust but also it will make your nail endowed with the style statement.

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